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mccain is my co-host. and we've a lot to look forward to. hope you have a great weekend. . more hot topics by president barack obama during his inaugural address. and more on dr. martin luther king, jr., next. ?o?ooooóññ
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. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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president barack obama marks the beginning of his second term taking his public oath offs and calling on the nation -- oath offs and calling on -- off fist and calling on the nation to act. the historic event also included a specific call to action on a number of issues facing the country tori campbell is live covering the inauguration and joins us with more on the president's speech and the biggest event that is happening right now. good afternoon tori campbell. >> reporter: good afternoon, you can still see a few people behind me inside and at the mall and at the capital building, it was quite a sight, with hundreds of thousands spilling out through the west front of the grass mall allowed them far away from the steps to
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witness the inaugural address and he talked about a number of issue that were sure to please his base. >> knowing to do so would fail our children and future generations. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anybody else under the law for if we are truly created equal, surely our love to one another must be evening wall as well. [applauds] >> reporter: we ran into california's senate majority leader and asked her what she thought of the president's address. >> the president made reference to taking care of the legacy of our natural parks and resources and i thought it was really
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something different but beautiful. >> reporter: now the inaugural parade it was supposed to start a half hour ago and the parade route is about a mile and a half long and goes from behind me to north of the capital building a long pennsylvania avenue and ends at the white house. marina , i have to tell you, it was cold last time but not uncomfortable though it is supposed to get really cold tonight but not so terrible for the inaugural live. >> how about the turnout, there was a lot of talk about the turnout, but what have you seen today? >> reporter: well, somebody saw an awful lot of people before
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the inauguration ceremony took part. they will not have any firm numbers until at least tonight but certainly less than the 8 million that were here and the more than 1800 from back in -- more than 800 back in 2005 and there were a lot of people in attendants. the inauguration gave a rare close-up look at the first family. the oldest daughter malia obama is now 14 and they started the day by attending services at st. john's church. and singer beyonce sang the national anthem following his speech. she sang the song at last four
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years ago at the inaugural ball. and those inaugurals are just getting underway and the inaugural committee is only toasting two just from hours ago and families. our ken pritchett is also in the nation's capital and he will have live reports coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 and at 6:00. back in the bay area repair work begins to repair the damaged tanker. they will begin the work tomorrow. the tanker hit the bay bridge earlier this month in early fog. it is said to take 4.5 months to complete and cost $4 million. two gun buy back programs, but this time without the buying part, we will find out
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why cash is not being handed out today, tara? >> reporter: this is certainly not as big as the turnout they had with the buy back but there is a big barrel where folks are pulling up in their cars and the only difference is there is no cash to give people in exchange for their weapons. >> there you go. it is loaded. so far the money was the motivating factor and right now there are about 8 guns. officers who spearheaded the event will be out here until 3:00 this afternoon and we spoke to another man who said it was in also closet and wanted to get rid of it. >> it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day and it just felt like the right thing to do.
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>> now with the last gun buy back, the coup tip ran out of cash in the first hour and a half. more than 800,000 guns were turned in and leak looking now, you about it does that and they cry and we are going into commissions and hearings and what are you going to gets in the end. hopefully something, but we also know from history, maybe nothing more than talk. >> reporter: the program is build and there will be open or generated. one says turn in your gun fall.$♪ gun you want to get rid of, certainly it will be going on for the next three or
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four hours. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco are looking for a suspect who caused a deadly overnight shooting. family members identified the victim as 43-year-old daniel cologne. they were walking phloem a bar when somebody -- they were walking home from a bar when somebody started shooting. >> if somebody witnessed the person who shot and killed my son, that they would be coming forward. this marks the third homicide of the year. governor jerry brown is among those attending a funeral service for a police office killed in the line of duty. he was killed by a burglary suspect who then shot and killed himself. he was with the police department for 3.5 years and also served as a military police man who served in the
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army. in the last who are there were three americans among those of the 38 hostages killed and all but one killed were foreigners. five hostages are still missing at this hour and 29 militants killed were canadians. the assault came after negotiations broke down in the 4th day standoff. >> they went wild with their demands and they were unreasonable and unacceptable demands and it was impossible to meet which caused the military to intervene. >> algerian officials plan to have the plan in effect later this week. the fire started at 1:30 a.m. in the city's building
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division. the flames jumped through an area and spread. papers, file cabinet... >> nobody was inside, we will have more on the cause. in san francisco, after making their way up it was part of the tradition to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. live in san francisco with the meaning behind the freedom train ride. dr. martin luther king, jr. will be reserved for those who marched with dr. king. now the freedom train pulled in and hundreds have boarded caltrans for the freedom ride which commemorates the alabama civil rights march from selma
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to montgomery. >> it is for all americans to get out and enjoy this day and just to celebrate and just remember all of the struggle ams we awe have come through. >> they joined them from na march -- joined them in a march which honored dr. martin luther king, jr. and people of all races and religions would march together and many parents are bringing their children to pay tribute. >> it is really important for kids to know how far we have come and how much further we have yet to go so i decided to bring my daughters here so they could see the memorial. >> it's just basically freedom and we wanted to show his dream for all of us. >> reporter: they will be commemorating his dream and legacy and it would be hard to ask for a more gorgeous day out
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here. reporting live san francisco. government buildings are closed for the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. state courts schools and credit unions are closed, post offices are also closed and mail will not be delivered today. parking meters in san francisco will be enforced. now where a surf rescue is underway at this hour. this it is not far but a lot of crews are currently held on the beach. at least one surfer is stuck on the rocks in this area. you may recall this where four surfers were caught in a rip current on saturday but now you are looking at crews from san francisco fire and the coast guard and they are working on
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the shore, we will keep getting information and news chopper 2 will be overhead bringing more information and we will bring it to you as it becomes available. we will show you what is going on at the time stores and how much it is going for, for the big game. steve paulson will be here to tell us about some changes ahead. plus the kings dethrowned the sacramento teams and how it they might be moving.
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. they have confirmed they will buy the seattle group for $525 million and the team is expected to move to seattle and have its name changed to the seattle supersonics. they must still approve the sale. 49ers are now super bowl bound and it is also translating into cash for some stores. janine de la vega is with us from palo alto antigen mean, i guess it is pretty official today? >> people are waiting to get
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their hands on the jerseys and the nfc champions hat. people are waiting to get in and there has been a steady stream of customers ever since and they are looking for anything that strikes their eye. >> reporter: they came in and they bought, and she was one of the first to stock up on stuff for her family. >> they said other stores had run out of stuff so i had to make sure they opened back up at 8:00 so i was here at 7:30 and i made sure i had all the stuff. >> reporter: from jerseys to banners and towels, people were forking out cash to get more memorabilia after last night's win against the atlanta falcons. >> we are able to buy the brand- new merchandise and it is our little piece of being part of the team. >> reporter: frank gore stored two touchdowns in the second half. they are now headed to new
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orleans from the super bowl. the team's planes touched down and coaches and families walked off the plane. >> after every year of not going to the playoffs, it is exciting. >> reporter: money was no object for some people shopping and one man spent nearly $500 on his purchases but super bowl tickets for the big game start at 2100 bucks and go all the way up to 8400 for a field yard seat at the 50-yard line. >> if we had all the money in the world, that is where we would be going, it would be amazing. >> reporter: 49ers coach jim harbaugh will be facing off with his older brother who coaches the ravens. coming up at 5:00, harbaugh will hold a press conference to talk about the next two weeks
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leading up to the super bowl. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a lot of gold and red is expected to be seen everywhere and thank you very much for that report. a man is recovering after being stabbed by a 49ers fan. it happened after the championship game. police said the two were arguing when fists starting flying. the man pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the high. san francisco police are investigating accusations that crabtree assaulted a woman in a hotel sunday. crabtree has cooperated with police and was never booked for the charge. a second female witness has backed up crabtree's version of the story. and mavericks' surfing contest, some of the best
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surfers phased off against -- surfed against each other at the harbor. this year's viewing was limited to a nearby hotel which did surprise some fans at first. >> we were looking forward to be able to see it and they said it was the only option but the new voting set up was like an outdoor concert. you can find more on the big wave contest including a slide show of the big contest. go to our and look for the hot topics section. they are expanding ferry service in three cities in contra costa county they will provide $27 million in funding to antioch, hercules and new
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terminals can cost between 50 and $60 million and some can cost million more. morning lows were anywhere from 27 degrees to almost 50 degrees and that offshore breeze helped along the coast down in pedal right now and down there it is 68 degrees. look like a pattern change and owen day the winds has turned westerly and this sister will given us more as we head to wednesday night. -- wednesday night, temperatures are, whatting up and the warmest are along the coast. i think more by tomorrow it will be westerly and sunny and warm today and increasing clouds for tuesday and the first is to come through an extended area but some light
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rain is possible and warm weather will be coming to an end. 57 in san francisco, 5 one. i was really close but still we have an offshore breeze for many and these will all turn by tomorrow. severe and clear a little haze around the edge. the timeline up there tuesday, we are okay but all the way into tuesday afternoon and tuesday night we start to clear it up and you can see this system and it is more likely wednesday afternoon and it kind of falls apart -- apart sunny and warm by the coast and a few upper 50s and this will be the warmest day of the week by a far cry no doubt about it and enjoy it while you can by the
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coast. 72 in santa cruz and 66 half- moon bay and it will continue to be cool and cooler tomorrow, not much rain, may be a little bit on wednesday and there is no agreed on the market. it would tees us that. >> we had three months above average and we will get back into it. >> thank a lot, steve. >> y time. crews are working to rescue a surfer who we are told is stuck on the rocks. in fact you can see the surfer currently up on the roxanne it looks like he has his board with him. we just got off the phone with the coast guard and they plan to hoist him with a helicopter because they are not able to get to him by a boat. it looks like it is pretty
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intense and also on the scene, ocean beach is stuck on the roxanne we will bring you more information following this coming up.
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. it may come to a surprise but the cost of flying is going up. according to airlines reporter incorporation it is up more
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than 4% since 2011 however it marks the smallest increase in ticket prices in the last few years. we are here live at inauguration day and we have a look at the capital, look, that is his motorcade and we saw him earlier today and tori campbell is there and it look like the turn out is smaller than it was ten years ago. we will go back for teen coverage forted's events and we will continue to have a live look which is about to bet underway for the president's second time in office. be sure to join us again tonight at 5:00. we are always here for you on or on mobile ktvu. we will be here at the inaugural parade bringing you
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more coverage.

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